Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Stats, Starts, and Super Upsetting

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of blogging is seeing where people are visiting from. One thing I find really funny this week is that in the week I was blogging about the intensives I had over 800 hits to this blog.

Today's hit count: 4

That really made me laugh a lot!

In April I am starting weekly Saturday all day classes. I am starting out with back to back hours of level one, mixed levels drills, level two, level three and floorwork. Additionally, I plan to host open hafla nights twice monthly on Saturday nights. I am encouraging people to bring as their admission, an item for the food pantry as well as a $2 donation that will also go to the food pantry in the name of the Twin Cities Belly Dance Community.

I will have info likely tonight on my website and on the KCDC Facebook page.

In other news, Sister Studio status is on hold as we received news that on Sunday night, Mama C had her laptop stolen. I hope it is found and/or insurance is able to replace it for her or mend any repairs that may be needed. As soon as she gets it back though.....I sent my email for status first thing Saturday night when I got back to the hotel room. I don't waste time.

Back at it....oh how I long for the day when dance is my day job!

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