Thursday, March 1, 2012

On SEVEN DAYS!!! (and a costumer review...)

OMGS SEVEN DAYS! (and I realize now that I forgot a countdown yesterday…forgive me?)

This weekend we are taking the kiddos to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the Pirates exhibit. We will all be scattered hither and yon for ten days so we want to do something super fun so kids have something great to talk about for a few days and not miss me and Fella so much.

Then Monday comes. Monday is always busy at work. Then Tuesday. Tuesday I will be dancing in Menominee, Wisconsin. Then Wednesday is the last class of the current session of Dance Fundamentals. Then Thursday I will suffer through work. ALL.DAY.LONG. just chomping at the bit to get home and finishing packing. Then Friday comes. OMGS then it’s FRIDAY! YAY!

Tonight the plan is to sort through my clothing to decide what I want to pack to bring along for street clothes, and review what I have already packed for costuming. I am pretty sure I can pare down a little given that I plan to buy and Aishwarya skirt from Magical Fashions that I will likely perform in on Saturday night.

I have long wanted this skirt and super love Magical Fashions. They have absolutely THE BEST costuming pieces as far as skirts go, (with the exception of cholis. I don’t buy cholis from anyone except Flying Skirts. I have a few from an etsy seller, but to know knowledge she doesn’t make them anymore…and I always need a bra with those, but I never do with a  F.S. choli.) All of my favorite skirts are from Magical Fashions. I have some very lovely photos on my facebook page that were taken by a photography student for a juxtaposition project (me dancing on the stairs of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church…HA!) and in them I am wearing TWO Magical Fashions skirts. They are awesome people too! They KNOW the people they sell to. They really make a point to remember who you are and queries you have about pieces and they always do their best to get to you want you craaaaave for your costuming collection. Bonus points: they are super nice people. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is superb. I really recommend them for costuming.

When I have my new Aishwarya I will be sure to get pics to share and squeee to you about how much I love my new skirt.

For now, the countdown continues.

(omgs. seven. days.)

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  1. That skirt is stunning! And I totally agree with you about Flying Skirts cholis. I'm a d-cup and I don't need a bra at all wearing FS cholis! They are amazing.