Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On GS Day Three

Today was another pretty intense day, though it was nice to have sit down time for Music Theory. It was great to connect the reasons WHY we dance to the music we do as opposed to dancing to Classical Egyptian music. You don't use thick Icelandic wool for lace making.

What I am really enjoying the most out of this is getting to know a little about Carolena and Megha and their non-dance lives. Discussions on food politics and beautiful Hawaiian men doing procreation chant dances.... oh yes. That's what is the good stuff.....

I am just going to let you sit with that for a moment...let me know when you can breathe again...

Ready? No? Not yet? Ok...I'll give you some more time...maybe you would like to watch that again, have a little private moment....It's ok. I'll be here when you get back....

So the rest of the day, when we weren't wiping drool from our chins, we did LOTS of drilling. I love asking certain questions because there are things I see troupes doing that are completely incorrect. Sometimes they are even Sister Studios, which is really kind of frustrating sicne the point of being a Sister Studio is the consistent teaching across the board.

Tomorrow is our last day and going to be filled with floor work and spins. I am really excited about this. I love to spin and floor work is excellent. THen we gradjitate and it's on to Teacher Training! YIP!

Good night! (It's OK if you want to watch that video again....I'm not about to judge....)


  1. I'd love to know what the response to your question was! I've seen some Sister Studios do stuff that I would have thought was contrary to the whole ethos of ATS, not just incorrect!

  2. Well the response was exactly what I knew it would be. That these studios are doing it wrong and they ought to be doing it correctly and that I was correct in questioning their delivery.

    On a similar note, in a discussion with Carolena today my sentiment of technical knowledge versus the ability to execute flawlessly was very exuberantly echoed by her. That felt great.