Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On Forgetting To Mention

Reading my previous post I realized that I mentioned EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE, that Tasha Rose (a.k.a. ME) and Kamala Chaand Dance Company are officially Minnesota's PREMIER FatChanceBellyDance Sister Studio and presently the only Teacher Certified ATS(r) instruction in the Twin Cities.

I am excited that there will soon be more ATS(r) instructors in MN, too...up North in my former town of residence, Pine River, my former troupe mates Noelle Anderson and Amber Hunt(Gaia Sophia) will get their TT in just a couple of weeks. At that same time, Rochester's Terri Allred will get hers and a gal from the suburbs of the Twin Cities, Crystal from the learning group Briar Patch will get hers. Lotsa ATS(r) lovin up in this hizzouse!

OK that's all I have today, I promise!

On The Studio!

I don't have much right at this moment, but I will tell you this: KCDC will be in new studio space starting this Saturday! I am holding all day Saturday classes from 9am-4:30 pm at various levels to get new dancers off on the right foot with Minnesota's premier FCBD(r) Sister Studio.

I am taking this climb slowly and steadily and have some pretty massive expansion plans that encapsulate the next two or so years. One of which is developing a dance curriculum complete with history for a fine arts credit at a local college! Big plans! Taking over the world by dancing!

I will have photos up after the weekend. I plan to have a KCDC open house NEXT weekend for our first ever Second Saturday Shimmy Soiree.

If you are a local performer (or even not local but plan to be in the Twin Cities) let me know if you want to perform...any style...drummers too! Come out and riff a drum set for eager ears and happy dancers! It will be a great time!

More details sooooooon...... YAAAAAAAYYY!!