Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Pura Day One


I am doing this for the rest of my live long days.

So today was Pura day one followed by the hafla. The day was awesome and I am exhausted. Carolena and Megha drill HARD. I am really impressed, despite having had workshops with them before, at the intesity of the drilling and the focus on perfect technique. I loved watching Megha roam around correcting elbows and telling people to smile.

As a team, Carolen and Megha are outstanding. They are funny and feed off of each other and are just brilliant!

Best part of the day:
So the second of the days workshops was on formations and lead changes with circling and fading. After demonstrating duets, Megha asked for a volunteer. I hear from my left Jeanne (one of the ladies I am rooming at the hotel with) shout out , "Tasha-Rose will volunteer!" I gulp hard because my throat is full of my heart.

They pull me up to the front with them to demo a trio and I proceed to dance and demo with Carolena and Megha for about the next HOUR. I'm totally dying I am so excited. It was so helpful actually dancing with them and I learned quite a bit in terms of reading the eye contact of OTHER dancers... Dancing with them was amazing and it flowed in the most logical ways. I loved it. I was in total heaven.

After we had gone over all of the formations, we worked on group dancing. Naturally, since we were performing together tonight, the four of us in our hotel room decided to dance together and the whole group was split into seven dance pods. We were number seven.

Now. I don't get nervous performing. This wasn't a performance. But as it got closer to our turn to perform I felt this odd sensation like, "omg you are going to dance, are you sure you know how to do this?" Of course I did. But I was dancing in front of Mama C and Megha! Holy shit! Seriously. I've been doing this for HOW LONG???????? Weak knees? what is that? Dry mouth? What? But we pulled it out and did a good job.

After class we can back to the hotel and got ready for the Hafla. I will post an entire photo montage post after the whole week, but I was hot. I'll admit it. I'm sexy and I know it ;-)

Our performances (two of them) were decent and great. It was nice to dance with people I have never danced with before. It is very interesting to note the different styles that other dancers have based on what their teachers have taught them. Of course the only instructors in ATS I have had have been Masters. So it was truly a unique experience.

My feet hurt and I am bone tired so it's time for this dancer to hit the sheets. It all starts again tomorrow with make up and Temple Dance and Crafting a Set (LOVE this workshop. It was great at TU in Milwaukee so I am excited for it again.) Then begins the General Skills week.

Shopping is done. I have my Aishwarya and a few other goodies so I am happy. Now I can focus just on the dance and not on the trinkets and bobbles and blingy yummy goodness.

Nighty night dancin fools!!


  1. It sounds amazing. Especially since Carolena and Megha were in the UK last weekend, so they have to be pretty tired! Looking forward to the next post!

  2. Awe! I'm so excited for you! I did Pura in 2005 back home in Washington, DC and it was the best time of my life (at that time until GS in 2010) I am completely reliving the experience through your blog :) Thank you <3