Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On The Studio!

I don't have much right at this moment, but I will tell you this: KCDC will be in new studio space starting this Saturday! I am holding all day Saturday classes from 9am-4:30 pm at various levels to get new dancers off on the right foot with Minnesota's premier FCBD(r) Sister Studio.

I am taking this climb slowly and steadily and have some pretty massive expansion plans that encapsulate the next two or so years. One of which is developing a dance curriculum complete with history for a fine arts credit at a local college! Big plans! Taking over the world by dancing!

I will have photos up after the weekend. I plan to have a KCDC open house NEXT weekend for our first ever Second Saturday Shimmy Soiree.

If you are a local performer (or even not local but plan to be in the Twin Cities) let me know if you want to perform...any style...drummers too! Come out and riff a drum set for eager ears and happy dancers! It will be a great time!

More details sooooooon...... YAAAAAAAYYY!!

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