Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Inspiration

I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday listening to all sorts of music, as the ladies I am dancing with at the Pura hafla and I are working out our music. A song came on…not saying which…and I was moved to tears by the words and what they mean for me personally. I decided right there that in addition to performing ATS® with the ladies, that I would also be dancing solo and moving how Spirit leads.

I don’t solo. It’s one of the reasons my original belly dance training didn’t hold me for too awful long. I don’t like dancing alone. What’s different?

I am.

The journey I have had in this dance has been long, and in the past couple of years, quite a struggle. Going to Bloomington means so incredibly much for me and to me that it feels like a genesis. To celebrate that I will be performing solo as a means to my rebirth in this dance that I cherish so much.
We still are not decided on music, but I know that whatever we end up dancing to will be fabulous. I am inspired by the women I am dancing with, who I have never met. I am inspired by the open arms of so many who I have only met on Facebook. I am excited to meet and study with these women and men.
“Vous m’avez reconnue. Je susis la meme et pourant autre.”
You recognize me. I am the same, but different.
I am looking forward to that very much.

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