Monday, February 27, 2012

On Excitement

T-Minus 10 days.


Ok. I got that out of my system. I am pretty sure these next few days are going to go so slowly…I think they would go slower if nothing else was going on in this wait time. I am so excited. This weekend, despite being super sick, (Head cold. No fun.) Fella and my daughter Grace helped me lug up all of my costuming and accessories from the basement as well as suitcases. We measured. 60” achieved and the suitcases are huge! I will be able to pack everything I need plus some…and have room for goodies to come home with me (insert another squee of joy here. I loves me my dance pretties… Magical Fashions and Red Camel here I come!!) Plus a carry on and a bag. I’m set.

So I started the practice packing. I packed up everything I know I will want for classes and for performing in, as well as most of my makeup and hair accessories. I just have to do some Laundry on Thursday night for all of the comfy cotton street clothes I am planning to bring with…which isn’t a lot and they roll nicely. That’s the key to traveling with ATS® garb…roll-ability. I hear you can’t roll a scimitar though. Hence the reason I am not traveling with mine.
I have started creating marketing materials for after I am back and after I have achieved Sister Studio status. I had a grand idea this weekend about where I can market classes, and maybe even hold classes in addition to those I already teach….word on that later. It’s still a secret ;-)
Also this weekend some loverly items arrived via post!! These loverly items can be yours, too!!
I’ve got t-shirts!

The cutie patootie is Grace, my dancing daughter.

And here is one of the belly in the shirt :-D I have cut mine, of course...I like them that way.
I’ve got bumper stickers!

I’ve got business cards!

Shirts are $22 plus shipping, (ladies sizes m,l, xl, mens size m,l, xl and are $25) bumper stickers are $5 (I’ll cover postage) and the business cards…well you can have one of those too with your shirt or sticker order :-D Or run into me and I’ll be happy to give you one!! I love them, though I wish I waited until after GS and TT…but that’s OK…everything else will show the achievement and I can always mention it too when giving my card to someone. These will go quickly though. I only ordered 250 of them… With the kind of marketing I do, that doesn’t last long…so more will be ordered soon-ish I am sure.
Lastly, I want to say a special hello to a new Facebook friend who made my day today. Manila Tribal, you are awesome and I am so excited for what you are doing! Keep up your hard work. It will pay off!! *hugs*
I am touched at really how widely this blog is being read. If you read regularly and haven’t subscribed, please do.
With that, I bid you adieu until tomorrow….the countdown continues!!! YIIIIIP!!!

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