Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Anticipation

Two weeks. In TWO WEEKS I fly solo to Bloomington, Indiana to attend my first Pura, followed by General Skills, followed by Teacher Training. I. AM. ELATED. This is many years (and much heartache) in the making. I plan to blog each night about my experiences. No, I will not be divulging the classes, just giving my thoughts on them as a participant.
My mantra of late has been “What is for you will not pass you by.” This is for me. This has always been for me and my journey in this dance has been lovely, and hard, and I have hated dancing sometimes because of things I have gone through, but it ever pulls me back and holds me and moves me and tells me I belong.  What is for you will not pass you by.
Review is one of the focuses I plan to take on this blog. In April I will be getting certified as a Dance For Birth instructor here in the Twin Cities. I will blog that experience as well. I am getting this certification not only to further my dance training, but also to further my doula and midwifery training. Of course I know about body mechanics in dance and how that can and does aide a pregnant or laboring woman, but having the specific focus and the subsequent credential is a good thing for my birth practice…when I am practicing again.
I am also in the midst of writing a pretty big post, what I was going to write for Fuse magazine before life got ahold of me in a very fierce way. The topic is the different certification courses in the belly dance world. This is going to be a big post and will not be opinion or thought or rant or anything except for the facts behind each course offered. It’s pretty interesting so far and I am excited to post it for you. That will be after I get back from Indiana though.
Coming up March 6th I am dancing in a little show in Wisconsin for an ethnic fest at a school. My former troupe mates, Domyno and Velvet will be dancing with me and a drum ensemble. I am not necessarily anticipating it, but it should be good. I haven’t been performing, so it will be a fun little thing to do before I jump into the adventure of Indiana that weekend. I will try to post pictures and maybe a video of that event. I think my Fella will be there drumming too, so you may get to see him in action ;-)
At Pura, there will be a hafla where I will be performing with my room share ladies...ladies I have never met, save for the lovely Heidi Capps-Hayden who is not sharing a room with us, but will be at Pura. Heidi is a FCBD(r) Sister Studio and owns Blue Rose Studio in Kentucky. She is so lovely. We will be performing as Sevanti Tribal Collective! Yip! ATS(r) in purity...strangers dancing a common language. I am really excited!
Lots of anticipation right now. My greatest anticipation doesn’t happen until September though. Some of you know already, but Fella and I are expecting a wee one sometime in the beginning of September. I will be 12 weeks this Saturday. I have started feeling this baby dancing already and it is just as wonderful as I remember it being with my other three. We planned this baby and are completely over joyed at this expectation. I am thrilled to dance through another pregnancy and give my baby the gift of dance and music before he or she even comes to breathing life. Ah the sacred in dance…
What is for you will not pass you by.


  1. Thousands of congratulations on your pregnancy! What a very exciting year you have ahead of you!

  2. (I deleted the previous one because my profile pic didn't show up) I love your blog and you ;) I can't wait to see you again! :D