Friday, April 8, 2011

Kamala Chaand

People ask, what does "Kamala Chaand" mean?

Kamala: Lotus, born of the Lotus, Beautiful, Perfection
Chaand: Variant of "Chand": The Moon

Being Pagan, this is very significant to me. 

The Lotus, in Buddhism, is significant of purity. In my further understanding, renewal; rising from adversity, from the much and mire, to reveal pure, pristine beauty. 

The Moon....oh yonder blessed Moon who monthly changes in a circled orb. I love the Moon. She is ever present, always flowing, always changing, never stopping, but always constant. 

I did not find this name. One of my troupe mates, and dear friends, Domyno offered the two words among a list. I thought on them, talked them out to myself and troupe, and decided on Kamala Chaand based on everything that led me to form this troupe.

I came out of some stuff that was really not great. It put me in a place of not dancing. I literally had dance ripped out of my heart before I took it back. Kamala Chaand is the healing result. The rising up from the muck and mire to come back to the one constant...Kamala Chaand.

Thank you for those words, Universe, Domyno, Consciousness or whathaveyou. Thank  you.

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